SANTA CLARA, Calif. — May 30, 2023 — The WiTT Group™, Inc., a company focused on solving the non-clinical challenges cancer patients face as they go through treatment, is pleased to announce that actress Marcia Cross is joining its National Advisory Board to help accelerate its impact on cancer patients.  


Marcia joins a growing group of prominent individuals who serve as advisors to WITT to offer their expertise and counsel on issues relating to the non-clinical challenges cancer patients face as they go through treatment.  Marcia is a renowned actress who is best known for her role on the ABC hit series "Desperate Housewives," for which she was nominated for three Golden Globes and one Primetime Emmy.  Cross also starred in the television series "Melrose Place" and the critically acclaimed "Everwood."


In 2019, Marcia revealed that she had been diagnosed with anal cancer, which was likely related to the HPV.  She has been an active advocate for HPV education and treatment, and for ensuring patients get the support they need as they go through treatment.  She is co-founder of the HPV Cancers Alliance (formerly the HPV Alliance), a national organization that advocates for HPV education and treatment.


"When I first heard about WiTT I was drawn to the innovative way they are addressing the problem all cancer patients face — asking for help without the guilt.  I believe this platform will not only make it easy for patients to ask for help, but will turn the 'burden' of asking, into patients giving others the 'opportunity' to help them.  I am excited to be part of this journey and leverage my voice to have a positive impact on cancer patients, especially the stigma associated with Anal Cancer," said Cross.     


"I am incredibly grateful and honored to have Marcia as an advisor to WiTT and help us have an impact on cancer patients.  Her insight as a patient advocate, her commitment to helping patients navigate the stigma of asking for help, and her advocacy work, will allow us to have a greater impact to help patients as they go through treatment," said Rahul Mahadevan, Founder and CEO of the WiTT Group. 


More information on the WiTT Advisory Board and its members can be found on the company website at                 


About The WiTT Group, Inc.

The WiTT Group, Inc. is focused on solving the non-clinical challenges (financial and non-financial) patients face as they go through treatment.  The company partners with a variety of organizations including non-profits, cancer support groups, hospitals, providers, employers and church groups to use its WiTT Support Registry platform.  WiTT’s Support Registry platform de-stigmatizes asking for help by combining the personalized needs of a patient with the simplicity of a wedding registry and leveraging a financial tool to facilitate payments, thereby making it easy for a patient to ask, but more importantly, making their needs visible to those that want to help.  This not only makes it easy for a patient to ask for support, but it also makes it easy for those that want to support a patient to know exactly what they can do to help.  WiTT's initial focus is on cancer care, but the platform can be used for all chronic diseases.  More information on the WiTT Group can be found at  You can also follow The WiTT Group on Facebook and Instagram at @wittforever, LinkedIn and @WiTTSupportTeam on Twitter.


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