Our Mission

Solving the financial and non-financial challenges patients face as they go through treatment

What is WiTT and how does it help patients?

WiTT, which stands for "We're in This Together," is a social platform that makes it easy for patients to ask for the exact help they need, and for their friends and family to give in the way they choose to.

Patients with chronic conditions face financial and non-financial challenges because insurance does not cover "non-clinical" costs of treatment. Loss of income, increased out-of-pocket expenses, and socioeconomic conditions force patients to make difficult decisions about whether they will pay their rent, buy groceries, or receive life-saving medical care. In this challenging situation, patients can still feel hesitant to ask for help even though their friends and family would like the opportunity to support them.

WiTT combines the simplicity of a wedding registry with the personalized needs of a patient in an easy-to-use platform that benefits both the patient as well as their community.

WiTT's offering is a beneficial complement to a healthcare organization's suite of services to support patients with non-clinical needs, provide insights into their needs, and help improve patient outcomes.

The WiTT Fund

The WiTT Fund is a component fund of Legacy Global Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. EIN 20-8099462. Donations may be tax deductible. These donations are distributed directly to patients that are struggling to obtain the support they desperately need.

We make it easy for Patients to ASK for help

We make it easy for Donors to GIVE

We make it easy for organizations to address HEALTH EQUITY

Patients, practioners, and partners see the BENEFITS

of patients had needs met*
of patients found the platform beneficial
vs. average B2C healthcare NPS of 38
of patients had a better perception of the organization that introduced them to WiTT

*The remainder was mostly patients who had not made their registry public or completed their profile

Practioner Testimonials

Dr. Minesh Metha
Deputy Director at Miami Cancer Institute

During their cancer journey, patients go through various phases, during which their needs for support vary considerably. Often, patients are hesitant to ask for help and caring friends, families and others often do not have a good enough understanding of the unique needs a patient might be experiencing. The WiTT portal solves this conundrum and allows the "ask" and the "give" to become seamless, efficient, and real-time. This has a major positive psychological and emotional impact on cancer patients, a domain that is frequently overlooked.

Dr. Doured Dagisthani
Pediatric hematologist-oncologist, Miami Cancer Institute

The financial burden that hits the family of a newly diagnosed child with cancer is devastating. Immediately one of the parents has to stop working to be with the child during his or her treatment journey. And the burden of co-pay and coinsurance accumulate with time. Over the years unfortunately I heard this quote multiple times from parents (it's not enough that my child has a cancer now I have to obtain a second mortgage on my house to keep above water). WITT give these families a dignified window of opportunity to keep them above water.

Dr. Matthew Hall
Lead Pediatric Radiation Oncologist, Miami Cancer Institute, Associate Professor, Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

At Miami Cancer Institute, we can deliver the latest and best therapies for cancer patients regardless of socioeconomic background and financial means. In our community, we have a diverse mix of patients who may be very affluent to having very limited financial means. Despite our commitment to delivering the best care to patients, this matters little if our patients and their families cannot afford to come for treatment and must make impossible decisions about whether they will pay their rent, buy groceries, or receive life-saving medical care. Access is an important unmet need and our patients would greatly benefit if we as a society could help provide support in their time of greatest need.

Ravit Gilletti
Patient and Family Engagement Manager, Family Reach

WiTT gives patients the opportunity to ask for help in a way that makes them most comfortable. Asking for help with specific items/bills allows the patient to share what's most pressing at that time. Other fundraising sites take a percentage from the amount fundraised while WiTT gives the patient the entire amount. Patients are grateful for the assistance they've received from both their circle and anonymous donors.

Patient Testimonials

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

I honestly think this is a great resource! I've noticed that others including me have a hard time simply asking for help. Feelings of embarrassment at times for me so I think it's easier to ask and have the choice to make it public or not!

Breast Cancer

I am a single mom and I thank you with all my heart for your support. thank you infinite thank you for supporting me in this painful process.

Tiffany & JaMarcus
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

This is AMAZING!! I've registered and put some things on the registry. WOW!!"... who would have thought to come up with something like this. Keep up the good work and I pray we get some assistance.

Colorectal Cancer

Thank you so much for helping us on this journey! We are very thankful for your support!

Colorectal cancer

Your support means so much for me!

Anal cancer

I just wanna thank you for taking so much time and effort to get me on this site. With so much going on with my move and the problems I'm dealing with. This site and the love and support I get make my stress level and worries decline. I thank you so much for bettering my relationship with my mom.