During a challenging period of my life as a single parent going through a divorce, I found myself overwhelmed and filled with despair. It was during this time that WiTT (We're in This Together) extended a helping hand and became my saving grace.

Juggling the responsibilities of caring for my three children, including an adult autistic son, a high school senior, and my youngest daughter, who struggled the most with my diagnosis, I faced financial strain, particularly concerning medical bills and the rising cost of food. Despite my attempts to borrow money and seek assistance, it seemed as though relief was out of reach.

Fortunately, I received much-needed financial support through WiTT, fulfilling two requests within days. The support enabled me to cover necessary copays and stay on top of the numerous doctor appointments required for my radiation treatment. The assistance proved to be a lifeline during an incredibly challenging period, and I am profoundly grateful to the compassionate individuals who selflessly aided me.

I wholeheartedly recommend WiTT to anyone experiencing a crisis and in need of financial support. - Janee


I can't tell you how much WiTT has been a blessing to me. This amazing organization has managed to lift such a weight off my shoulders. They've allowed me the freedom to concentrate on recovering and healing, rather than stressing about the ever-mounting bills.

I'm a single mother still undergoing treatment and let me tell you, it's a tightrope walk. Working 40 hours a week to make ends meet is hard. I earn just enough to fall through the cracks of state assistance programs. When the tough days hit, I'm left with a difficult choice between self-care and a day's wages.

That's where WiTT steps in. They're like this shining beacon, delivering unexpected help from warm-hearted strangers. WiTT makes it possible for a single mom of a 3 year old to give her the birthdays and holidays she deserves because I miss out on so much of her life. I can't stress this enough, WiTT has been an absolute blessing. To know there are people out there who genuinely care is beyond comforting.

I urge you to reach out to them, get signed up, and see how they can lighten your load too. Thank you, WiTT! - Lora J.



My name is Lauren and I live in Arkansas. I was diagnosed with stage 2 aggressive HER2 Positive malignant breast cancer and it has been the most difficult and trying experience I could ever imagine. I lost both of my parents to lung cancer over the last 5 years and having cancer has been my biggest fear.

I ended up homeless and lost everything that I owned in my life when being hospitalised for COVID. My WBC count was so low and once I got better and returned home I had been evicted. Everything that I had was gone, including my parents memories. It was devastating.

The first time I had received money through WITT, I cried. Because of the generosity and support I received through WITT, I was able to afford medicine and buy clothes, groceries, blankets, and pillows... things that I had taken for granted my whole life. This helped me gain some confidence and I got my fight back.

Thank you so very much. Words can not express what you have done for me. You saved me and I will forever be grateful for you. - Lauren


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I honestly think this is a great resource! I've noticed that others including me have a hard time simply asking for help. Feelings of embarrassment at times for me so I think it's easier to ask and have the choice to make it public or not!

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I am a single mom and I thank you with all my heart for your support. thank you infinite thank you for supporting me in this painful process.

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This is AMAZING!! I've registered and put some things on the registry. WOW!!"... who would have thought to come up with something like this. Keep up the good work and I pray we get some assistance.

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Thank you so much for helping us on this journey! We are very thankful for your support!

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Your support means so much for me!

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I just wanna thank you for taking so much time and effort to get me on this site. With so much going on with my move and the problems I'm dealing with. This site and the love and support I get make my stress level and worries decline. I thank you so much for bettering my relationship with my mom.