ALDIE, Va. and SANTA CLARA, Calif. — May 9, 2023 — The Tigerlily Foundation (Tigerlily), a leading breast cancer patient advocacy organization and The WiTT Group™, Inc., a digital health and fintech company focused on solving the non-clinical challenges cancer patients face as they go through treatment, announced today the launch of Tigerlily's patient-facing platform, RAISE (Resources and Assistance to Support Empowerment), to provide patient-driven solutions to address access to care and eliminate barriers and health equity challenges that breast cancer patients face.


Tigerlily understands that it is often challenging for patients to ask for help especially when they are dealing with cancer.  We also know that there are people in every patient's community that would like to provide support but don't know what patients need.  The RAISE platform breaks down this barrier by enabling patients living with breast cancer to leverage their network of friends, family, and others to get the non-clinical support they need without the stigma associated with asking for help.  


"We are excited to launch RAISE, which will allow us to offer our patients a tool that (a) makes it EASY for them to ask for help, (b) makes it easy for those that want to help to GIVE, and (c) allows us to identify gaps in care for patients so that we can partner with organizations to fill in those gaps. We know that patients often need both financial and non-financial support, and often it is more than we, or any non-profit can provide.  Being able to offer RAISE allows us to give our patients an innovative tool to help them in their journey — so that they can focus on what is really important, their health," said Tigerlily Foundation CEO and Founder, Maimah Karmo. 


The platform is free to patients.  Patients can start getting the help they need by registering at, creating a "support registry" of needs (both financial and non-financial), and inviting their network and community to join their care circle in order to help them.   In addition, Tigerlily can make a patient's support registry visible to other donors so patients can get additional support from those that want to help. 


"The RAISE platform will also allow us identify gaps in care and share these insights with our corporate partners and sponsors.  This will allow us to ensure we can target the right services to those patients who need it, working towards the goal of having the right services available to the right patients at the right time, which is especially relevant for vulnerable and underserved patients. In addition, we can identify the needs that patients face most on a geographic basis, enabling us to collaboratively develop geo-targeted solutions," added Maimah.


Partners can support patients through the platform either by giving directly to patients themselves or by donating to the Tigerlily fund, all funds from which are apportioned out to patients that need help the most. Additionally, patients can be supported through partnerships on other programs as well.  The RAISE platform is free for patients and donors to utilize and will continue to expand its features and broaden its patient support opportunities in the near future.


"We are excited to work with Maimah and her team to offer RAISE to their patients. As a cancer survivor, I know how hard it is to ask for help, so I know RAISE will make a real difference to patients," said Rahul Mahadevan, Founder & CEO of The WITT Group. 


About Tigerlily Foundation 

Tigerlily Foundation is a national breast cancer foundation providing education, awareness, advocacy, and hands-on support to young women (ages 15-45) — before, during, and after breast cancer.  Tigerlily programs seek to educate and empower women of all backgrounds, including those at heightened risk, those facing health disparities, and those with less access to care.  Tigerlily improves the quality of life and ends isolation among breast cancer survivors. More information on the Tigerlily Foundation can be found at


About The WiTT Group, Inc.

The WiTT Group, Inc. is focused on solving the non-clinical challenges (financial and non-financial) patients face as they go through treatment.  The company offers a unique Support Registry™ platform which empowers patients to get the support they need, as well as make it easy to ask for and receive help. WiTT, which stands for "We're in This Together," combines the simplicity of a wedding registry with the personalized needs of a patient and a financial tool, into an easy-to-use platform. WiTT's initial focus is on cancer care, but the platform can be used for all chronic diseases.   More information on the WiTT Group can be found at  You can also follow The WiTT Group on Facebook and Instagram at @wittforever, @WiTTSupportTeam on Twitter, and The WiTT Group on LinkedIn.


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