SANTA CLARA, Calif. — September 27, 2023 — WiTT Group™, Inc. a Digital Health and FinTech company focused on solving the non-clinical challenges cancer patients face as they go through treatment, is pleased to announce that it will expand its platform in South Florida.  The WiTT Support Registry™ platform addresses the challenge that every patient dealing with chronic disease faces – asking for help without feeling as though they are being a burden or an imposition on others.  By incorporating a payment tool for the cancer population, this social platform makes it easy for patients to ask for the help they need, and for their friends and family to give in the way they choose.


"Many of the patients we treat face overwhelming challenges that are often a significant burden to them.  As an individual who has had extensive years in the field, one key lesson I've learned is that it's imperative we understand the greatest needs of our patients while they are going through their cancer journeys," said Vicki Caraway, Chief Nursing Officer at Miami Cancer Institute, part of Baptist Health South Florida.


"This platform will give hospitals and their fundraising teams a new mechanism to give directly to patients and make an impact.  This tool will allow cancer centers to engage with their local communities to help with the needs of their patients in ways that they have not been able to do previously," said Dr. Minesh Mehta, M.D. Deputy Director and Chief of Radiation Oncology with Miami Cancer Institute, part of Baptist Health South Florida.


Patients in South Florida who can begin utilizing this platform benefit by having an easier way to ask for both financial and nonfinancial help from a specific group of individuals or "care circle" they choose.  They also have the option to receive help from a broader group of donors.  Families, friends, and colleagues that are invited by the patient to a private "care circle" no longer have to guess how they can help and have options and flexibility in the ways they can provide support.  The platform will also allow community organizations and donors to see at the individual level, what patients in their community need help with, and it gives them a way to directly support patients in need. 


"As a cancer survivor, I know how hard it is to ask for help and the stigma associated with asking.  I look forward to continuing growing out the platform in a new demographic and continue touching the lives of more patients who will have the opportunity to utilize this platform," said Rahul Mahadevan, Founder & CEO of the WiTT Group Inc.


About The WiTT Group, Inc.

The WiTT Group, Inc. is focused on solving the non-clinical challenges (financial and non-financial) patients face as they go through treatment.  The company offers a unique Support Registry platform which empowers patients to get the support they need, as well as making it easy to ask for and receive help.  WiTT, which stands for "We're in This Together," combines the simplicity of a wedding registry with the personalized needs of a patient and a financial tool, into an easy-to-use platform.  WiTT's initial focus is on cancer care.  More information on the WiTT Group can be found at  You can also follow The WiTT Group on Facebook and Instagram at @wittforever, @WiTTSupportTeam on, and The WiTT Group on LinkedIn.


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